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Perfect Life of Doll Ends

YEAR: 2018   SIZE: 140cmX100cm   

The dolls were living in a village that seemed full of wealth and prosperity. There, the dolls walked in their fine dresses, decorated in gold and glittering crystals. Their favourite thing to do was to praise themselves and each other. Everyone in the village lived in the same way, which is probably why none of them noticed that they all went through life with their eyes closed. It was this way, day after day, year after year, from generation to generation, until one day, a curious doll decided to open her eyes to take a quick look. She found herself sitting near a little pond. The doll looked into the water to see her perfect reflection, her pink dress, her porcelain skin, her regal posture, and remarkable face. But the doll looked, and she could see. She saw that she was not as she always believed herself to be. And even though this frightened her, she did not want to close her eyes again. From that moment on, she wouldn’t have to be a doll anymore. She had a choice, she could become a human being. Lots of strength to you, beauty.