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Workshop: Make Your Own Flower of Life

This painting workshop is made for people with and without painting skills, as both groups can easily work side by side in this half-day experience for results that will amaze and surprise them: their own painting created with professional-level quality.

The technique I present is for painters and non-painters alike. I developed it while experimenting with acrylic colour, different types of graffiti sprays, and modelling pastes. During the workshop, we will paint the Flower of Life on a 40cm X 40cm canvas.

In addition to learning a new painting technique, we will also touch on sacred geometry. Many of the greatest architectural masterpieces and artworks were created using this pattern. Its known and studied for its mathematical properties and it reflects in proportions of living things.

The workshop consists of:

O A presentation of sacred geometry. Theory.

O Creating the Flower of Life form. Braiding and cutting.

O An introduction to colour theory

O Colouring flower of life. Painting.

O Last touch: Gluing on crystals.