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YEAR: 2018   SIZE: 50cmX50cm   

It looks scary and strong, powerful and overwhelming. It has large, dangerous teeth, round, wide-open eyes, and a threateningly oversized red body. It appears to be undefeatable, and that the best anyone can do is to stay out of its way. But a red monster is not a free being; it lives with its owner. And each of us carries one with us and knows this spirit, though perhaps few know it in depth. This being is named Mara, a little anger demon. He is not terribly smart or creative; nor is he intelligent. Mara is simple and has only one way to interact: by scaring others. He has no particular reason to do so, but it is the only thing Mara knows. In reality, he isn’t strong at all and is burdened with his own fear. The figure in the painting has got to know her Mara more closely, and she is in the process of becoming his master.