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Exhibition Miars Italy Milano, Lambretto Factory 12.2018

My Painting "Ceremony" together with another 50 artists  took a part in international art exhibition Miars in Italy 2018. Was an amazing and colourful event.

Exhibition "Kunst fürs Herz" 11.2018 Basel, Switzerland

My painting "Star child" was chosen for art exhibition "Kunst fürs Herz" in Basel Switzerland. 

Exhibition “Sensitivity” 09.05.2008. Kaunas, Lithuania

My first art exhibition was in Kaunas Castle on May 9, 2008. With all the energy and inspiration that I had brought back with me from Guatemala in 2007, I started a new chapter of my life. I wanted to get refocused on painting. I hadn’t painted since 1998 when I was still practising in art school for my exams to enter university. So it was a major come back for me.

At the exhibition, I presented on three floors on different topics. With support of sponsors, I had access to sound equipment, lights, and projectors to be able to create the space. I dedicated the ground floor to Mother Earth. The first floor was named Dakini and was dedicated to the awakening of female energy. The second floor was called Father Sky.

The exhibition was scheduled to be open for three weeks, but I had to close it after four days. As I found out that government of Kaunas city wants to enter my exhibition space to made a party for themselves there, I decided to abort my art exhibition, because it was too risky to keep my art pieces and the equipment of my sponsors at the mercy of food and alcohol without any responsible party on the premises.

But even though it was short, it was beautiful. I invite you to watch the short video with English subtitles.


Photogallery, Exhibition “Sensitivity” 09.05.2008. Kaunas, Lithuania